Molson Coors debuts UK hard seltzer via Havas

Does anyone need “hard seltzers,” fruit drinks with alcohol? They seem to be all the rage in the US – or the drinks industry hopes they are – and now Molson Coors is launching Three Fold in the UK with a campaign by Havas.

Aimed at adults (including those elusive generation Z-ers, who may not be adults) who “revel in the joy of self-expression…and defy categorisation to flow their own way – whenever, however, and in whatever way feels good.”

The TikTok generation in other words and, as with many such communications it consists of some excitable influencers leaping around. But that’s what (paid) influencers do.

Havas CCO Mark Whelan says: “This campaign is designed to burst onto the seltzer stage. Popping colours, flying liquids and Sherrie (Silver’s) choreography have combined to make an unmissable debut for Three Fold.”

Steady on Mark: it’s nicely produced but any kind of idea is just as elusive as Gen Z.

Expect rather more from Havas these days.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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