Bayer and Chanel join global media review merry-go-round

Another day, more big media reviews: $800m Bayer is reviewing out of WPP and Omnicom’s PHD while WPP’s bespoke shop Plus is also on the line for Chanel (below), about $400m on media although it spends far more on other marketing.

As the biggest agency media operation, WPP’s GroupM is always likely to be involved in these never-ending reviews but it must still be a right old pain. MediaSense is advising on both reviews, which is a feather in its cap.

Whoever offers the keenest deal will doubtless emerge triumphant although it will be dressed up as data-driven something or other. Sir Martin Sorrell’s MightyHive programmatic media operation does some work for Bayer although it’s probably doesn’t have the scale to go for the whole lot (although that wouldn’t put SMS off.)

Might You & Mr Jones Media, helmed by former Mindshare boss Nick Emery, find a way in? Emery’s Mindshare didn’t set the new business market alight but specialised in keeping very large clients seemingly content for long periods. Pinching a big one off WPP would obviously have its attractions.

MediaSense could find it’s unexpectedly popular over the next few weeks.

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