Is P&G boxing clever with new Olympics Lead with Love?

P&G is one of many Olympics sponsors hoping their $100m actually has a Games to sponsor but it’s giving them its best shot with a slew of ads, incorporating its current ‘Lead with Love’ good works initiative.

This one, from Wieden+Kennedy, harks back to its ‘Thankyou Mom’ effort from 2016, in this case an unfortunate parent wqtching son getting bashed up in the search for boxing gold.

Boxing seems an off-the-wall choice. Did the organisers want it included?

As ever with W+K it’s a near perfect film although you do wonder sometimes if its current line-up of very big clients – Facebook, AB InBev etc in the US – brings the best out of the agency although they’re obviously good for the bottom line. The agreeable anarchy of old seems missing somehow.

As for P&G non-one could accuse it of not being purposeful about its purpose objectives. A bit of product wouldn’t go amiss. And signing up with some dodgy-sounding Chinese tech providers to evade a cookie-free future looks increasingly questionable. A case of one side of the company not knowing what the other is up to?

But that’s purpose for you.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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