Google appoints BBH to drive Global Citizen 2030 goals

Global Citizen is an organisation with the noble aim of ending extreme poverty in the world by 2030. Google is doing its bit to help, and has appointed BBH to create a campaign focused on one of its goals, “Resume Learning Everywhere.”

Before Covid-19, 258 million children around the world were out of school; this has since spiralled to nearly 1.5 billion children who have had their education impacted. BBH’s campaign, supported with media by Jellyfish, encourages people to sign up as Global Citizens and help make a difference.

Felipe Guimarães, BBH creative director, said: “As creatives we try and find opportunities for our work to do good. Sometimes we are lucky to find clients and briefs that demand a positive impact on the world. This was one of them, to create a powerful piece of comms that empowers people to take action and help solve the problems of today’s world. I believe we got to something that will do just that.”

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