British Airways tiptoes back into the air with Ogilvy

British Airways is saddling up for a (hoped-for) return to the air with its first post-pandemic campaign. “We all have something that makes us fly,” it says, “for us it’s you.” Well, yes.

From WPP’s Team Horizon headed by Ogilvy, currently under review as BA shuffles its marketing pack yet again.

BA’s issues aren’t all pandemic-related of course, it’s had loads of bad PR in recent years from from computer glitches to the imposition of M&S sandwiches in place of free meals and revolting staff (although it’s managed to round up some here.)

In the circumstances you can’t blame Ogilvy for treading carefully. But that’s about it.

MAA creative scale: 4.

One Comment

  1. Three creative teams to make one very dull ad. I guess it had to satisfy scores of ‘stakeholders’, so it was never going to be any good.

    At least it had something to say other than ‘diversity matters’.

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