Adidas lines up celebs for global woke-up call

We’ve already had the world’s top 100 ‘Conscious’ brands today and Adidas in in amongst them, although maybe not as high up as it would like.

We seem to have a new generation of conscious ad agencies too: one such is Sockeye in Portland and Amsterdam which describes itself as a group of “seekers who work with courageous people who aim for a higher purpose.”

Fortuitously the two have sought out and found each other.

Sockeye has produced a big new campaign for Adidas – ‘Impossible is Nothing’ (didn’t another agency once say that about itself, or was it the other way round?) – showing how high achievers achieving high.

Here’s Beyoncé.

And Liverpool footballer Mo Salah.

There are others too, Adidas is giving this both barrels. At this rate it will run out of saintly people.

Of its ilk, and it’s a growing ilk, it isn’t bad. Nicely shot and nothing to disagree with unless you want to get arrested.

You may ask: WTF has this to do with sports apparel? But, as Sockeye also says, “great brands remind people what matters.”

But do they have to do it all the time?

MAA creative scale: 6.

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