Lucozade’s new battle cry revealed – “It’s On”

Lucozade has unveiled one of those proliferating new “brand platforms,” courtesy of agency adam&eveDDB, namely “It’s On.” Which might mean anything – or everything – or nothing.

The aim being to “bring to life the positive energy that embodies Lucozade and that feeling you have when you’re ready to take on whatever’s ahead.”

Centrepiece of a £10m campaign is the first film, directed by Max Weiland (whose surname rings a bell.)

These things do make you feel your age. Maybe “It’s On” is what young shavers say when they’re out to enjoy themselves – in so far as you’re allowed to these days. Is it from football? Hula Hooping seems a currently fashionable way of connecting with the past.

MAA creative scale: a non-committal 6 (nice film but this one might have to go to the TMO.)

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