Boris Johnson tells Sky News: ‘I love John Lewis’ in final victory for the retailer

In its latest tweet, John Lewis allows that its style is not for everyone: “Time for an interiors refresh? We pride our Home Design Service on having something for *almost* everyone.”

The brand has received a lot of love since the PM’s fiancé Carrie Symonds reportedly described its furnishings as a “nightmare.” Many respected individuals, the BBC’s Andrew Marr included, have defended John Lewis’ homewares as “aspirational” while the preferred “imperialist-chic-meets-Laurence Llewelyn Bowen” choice of “Carrie Antoinette” is meeting with much derision.

Now Boris Johnson himself has told Sky News that he loves John Lewis, and that the idea that anyone might think otherwise is the worse thing about the whole “cash for curtains” scandal.

Johnson is right not to cross the loyal John Lewis customer base. Caroline P spoke for many when she tweeted, “You guys are seriously knocking it out of the park today! I love John Lewis. Owned by its staff. We need more companies like that.”

It’s a sign of the resilience of the John Lewis brand, bolstered by adam&eveDDB’s work, that it can come out unscathed after taking such a bashing.

However, the retailer slightly misses the mark with a pinned tweet that says, “Phew, the John Lewis social team have just finished an all day brainstorming session to find ways for people to talk about us on Twitter… Have we missed anything?”

Many replies take this comment a bit too seriously, asking why they are wasting their time and money on social media brainstorms when branches are closing. People are not happy about losing their local John Lewis stores, and who can blame them?

The controversy has helped drive attention to John Lewis’ new interiors range, Anyday, which was launched this week. It offers “quality at a more affordable price point,” which will definitely suit *almost* everyone.

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