Five bereaved mothers remind us that ‘Hard calls save lives’ in AMV BBDO’s anti-knife crime campaign

It might be hard to share information with the authorities about criminal behaviour, but there are harder calls you can make. This new campaign for Crimestoppers, supported by the Metropolitan Police, features five women recounting the tragic calls they made to the police after their sons had been murdered.

AMV BBDO wanted to let the mothers speak directly to the public in the hope that this will encourage anyone having second thoughts about making an anonymous call to Crimestoppers to overcome their reservations.

Five 30-second films will be run on video-on-demand, along with five longer films that will fun online. There are also radio and digital ads.

Stephanie Day, head of campaigns at the Metropolitan Police, said: “We have been incredibly lucky to find such courageous individuals who have been prepared to talk about the hardest moments in their lives in order to help others. We hope that their powerful, moving stories will encourage others to call Crimestoppers with information, in the knowledge they will remain completely anonymous. Even a small piece of information can help could be the missing piece of a puzzle and help save lives.”

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