A tale of two new brands: WPP’s Choreograph and abndr (or something)

WPP has produced a name for its new data centre which brings together Wunderman Thompson and Group M assets – Choreograph.

Yep, fine, if WPP can’t do this with all its in-house design resources then there would something wrong.

Meanwhile fund management giant Aberdeen Standard has enlisted Wolff Olins to produced a new “more agile, digitally enabled” (vowel-free) brand. Still have to look up how to spell it (below.)

This has provoked a wave of derision unmatched since the Post Office wanted to call itself Consignia (although I thought that was OK.) Aberdeen Asset Management founder Martin Gilbert has loyally defended it although I bet he gets a right old ribbing at the golf club.

Most dramatic rebrands get stick at first and then you get used to them. Diageo and Aviva for two. Some, on the other hand, are quietly interred…

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