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‘Whoppertunity’ knocks. Sorrell & S4’s ‘outstanding’ 2020

Martin Sorrell has become well known for coining a phrase over the years, but he has surpassed himself in an Evening Standard interview.

He claims that his S4 Capital now has five big clients – described as “whoppers” – and goes on to say that he has identified five new “whoppertunities” on the horizon.

S4 Capital clients include Mondelez, BMW, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Procter & Gamble, so it’s hard to argue with him, but let’s not adopt his turn of phrase.

In typical Sorrell fashion he has some words of advice for business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. He cautions him not to come up with more red tape as a result of the new auditing changes he is putting in place, because businesses are already struggling with the pandemic and Brexit fallout.

S4 Capital’s 2020 results today show a 19.4 per cent rise in profit and a 72 per cent rise in gross profit to £295 million. Sorrell described the company’s second full financial year as “outstandingly successful.” S4 Capital now employs 4,400 people in 31 countries and is continuing to acquire new businesses at quite a rate, including news that Canadian experience company Jam3 is to be merged into MediaMonks.

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