MAA blast from the past: BMP’s surprise Cannes win

Will we be trekking down to the south of France in June for Cannes? If those silly Europeans don’t stop rubbishing the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, doubt it.

Relations ‘twixt the Brits and French seem to have deteriorated somewhat post-Brexit – no great surprise, we haven’t really got on since the Hundred Years War – and for years British agencies used to complain that Cannes Lions awards juries found against them because, well, they were British. Particularly galling in the great age of Brit advertising defined by agencies like CDP, BMP and their successors.

These ads were mostly funny but les Français didn’t seem to get the jokes.

Imagine the surprise then when BMP, under the great John Webster, won a Grand Prix in 1978 for ‘French Lesson’ for Coty L’Aimant – taking the Mickey out of the French.

Un vignette parfait.

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