Bodyform goes sustainable with new reusable period pants

Bodyform, with the help of AMV BBDO, has done a lot to push boundaries and break tattoos, but these days a brand needs a sustainability angle too, and disposable period products like pads and tampons do an awful lot of bad in the environment.

So it makes perfect sense for Bodyform to launch washable, reusable period pants — and not just to demonstrate “purpose” but because they are surely a very good business proposition too. It’s a category that has so far been driven by niche brands.

Augustine Cerf, copywriter at AMV, said: “Our bodies are full of beautiful chaos and it was important for us to counter the reductive diagrams seen in biology textbooks with real, raw and relatable colours, textures and motions. This formed a large part of the brief: how can we elevate bodily fluids to the status of art in ways that feel unapologetic, authentic, liberating and empowering? We want to normalise and celebrate, to encourage people to feel uninhibited and proud”.

This spot fits in perfectly with the brand’s ongoing campaign aesthetic.

MAA creative scale: 8

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