Uncommon shines a light on ‘lizard brain’ for money app Yolt

Money app Yolt, which saves a bit of money for you every time you spend, appointed Uncommon at the end of last year to “drive brand fame.” The response is a campaign that introduces some cod behavioural science via the mischievous “lizard brain,” promising that Yolt can calm its influence and make saving as easy as spending.

Lucy Jameson, co-founder at Uncommon, says: “Yolt is all about giving everyone the power to be smarter with their money. Our strategy explored the ways we can take control of our money, with a playful take on the science behind why we spend the way we do at the moment.”

Rachel Louie Butterworth, brand and marketing director at Yolt, says: “We chose Uncommon as our creative partner to really help drive brand awareness and fame with a distinct creative brand platform for the app. The combination of ‘Unthink Money’ paired with the behavioural science and disruptive nature of the lizard brain does just that. We’re so excited to launch this campaign for Yolt, which will help more people spend smart and save.”

The work will run in the UK across the next few months on TV, Online, Social and radio, with creative also designed for OOH. All media for the campaign is planned with Craft Media.

Yolt has more than 1.6 million registered users in the UK, Italy and France. Its features include a Yolt card for spending, a Money Jar for saving, and access to partners like MoneySuperMarket, PensionBee and Wealthify, within the app.

It’s memorable and it gets the point across.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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