Timing is not quite all as Jurgen Klopp debuts for Snickers

This may cheer up Jurgen Klopp, mulling over the first defeat of Liverpool by Everton for 20 years or so. Another addition to the bulging Klopp bank balance, courtesy of Snickers (German version below.)

Klopp says: “My family and I have always loved Snickers, and it’s hard for me to turn down a game of football, so I was really looking forward to this partnership from the very first moment.”

Mars Wrigley UK marketing director Kerry Cavanaugh says: “Jürgen brings the same energy and passion to the Snickers campaign as he would to a top of the table clash, and that’s why he is the perfect person to front the next instalment of our hugely popular ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ series.”

There might be the odd snicker in parts of Liverpool as this airs.

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