MAA blast from the past: Rik Mayall for Bombardier

We’ve described recently the move from ambitious ads to digital-friendly content, something that has has greatly diminished the influence of creative agencies (for better some might say.)

There’ve been times though when a little editing in the cause of economy (in both senses) wouldn’t have gone amiss. Rewind to 2011 and we have this for Bombardier ale from Karmarama, starring the late comedian Rik Mayall.

Mayall (whose creations included the priceless politician Alan B’Stard) was what we might call a force of nature. He did his turn – and that’s it. Star-struck agencies and production companies often fail to reel in showbiz personalities.

Here he is winning a battle for Bombardier. One of the few ads with an 18 certificate.

Pretty funny admittedly and good to see the rascal again.

A little judicious editing might have helped though.

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