‘Flower Power’ takes on a new meaning in Interflora International Women’s Day campaign

Something fresh from Interflora. You might expect the flower delivery company to be making a big deal of Mother’s Day, but here they are celebrating International Women’s Day with a campaign highlighting inequality.

Using a mix of white and red roses, the ads use flowers to visualise some shocking statistics around the gender pay gap, and the lack of women CEOs and political leaders around the world. Meanwhile, 75% of NHS staff — but less than a quarter of senior doctors — are women.

Bethany Day, content and social media manager at Interflora said: “Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate and show support for the women in your life and this year we’re taking it one step further by also using them to raise awareness of the challenges we still face in dismantling gender inequality.”

It’s £75 for the “Equal Power Flower” bouquet, so you might have to be a CEO to afford one, but it’s a great campaign – relevant to the brand, yet unexpected. Creative is by agency Rise at Seven.
MAA creative scale: 8.5

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