Apple sets the bar with TBWA Chinese New Year epic

Here’s an epic for a Friday, Apple celebrating the Chinese New Year with a short (not that short) film from TBWA\Media Arts Lab Shanghai for – and shot on – an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

By director Lulu Wang and her team from feature film The Fall, for Iconoclast, shot remotely in the pandemic with a mirror crew on the ground in China.

So we have a forest monster from Chinese folklore, the Nian, that allegedly eats children. But, it transpires, it actually prefers the young heroine’s lunch.

As a product demo it’s quite something; as a story it works too (you can see how they did it here), showing our Chinese friends (as Boris would put it) in a human light. OK, China is arguably Apple’s most important market but Lulu Wang’s effort has humanity shining through it.

Apple sets the bar for such things.

MAA creative scale: 9.5

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