AMV BBDO goes into battle for Macmillan Cancer Support in a Covid-dominated world

Macmillan Cancer Support is going into battle – sort of – in a new campaign from AMV BBDO, positioning the charity as “compassionate warrior” prepared to do “whatever it takes.”

As Britain’s under-resourced and (arguably) over-managed NHS struggles with the latest wave of Covid-19 (Germany has about four times as many critical care beds) some cancer patients are getting a raw deal as operations and treatments are cancelled. So cancer charities have to fight their corner. With so much Covid on the airwaves attention is at a premium.

AMV has risen to the challenge.

Macmillan director of brand and communications Emma Guise says: “Macmillan professionals up and down the country have spent the last year moving mountains to support people with cancer in the most difficult of circumstances. This new campaign with AMV brings to life our unique spirit by showcasing not just what Macmillan do, but how we do it – the kindness and compassion that we bring along with the grit and determination needed to ensure we can do whatever it takes for people with cancer.

“We hope this campaign will help the public see us differently and make us more relevant to them, so we can help all the people who need us right now and in the future.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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