The Gate tackles roots of unhappiness for Childline

It’s the time of year for feelgood stuff – woke-washing maybe – from all kinds of suspects. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something that brings real problems to the fore and makes you think, re-examine attitudes maybe.

This new campaign – ‘Nobody is Normal’ by The Gate for Childline, part of the NSPCC – does exactly that. Kids and teenies who feel they don’t fit in probably feel even worse at this time of year and Covid isolation certainly doesn’t help.

Help is at hand though, we’re all like it.

Directed by Catherine Prowse at Rowdy Films with Blink also contributing. Music from Radiohead.

Childline marketing lead Grania Hyde-Smith says: “At Childline, we often hear from young people who feel like they are different. This can be for a number of reasons including bullying, abuse and mental health issues but sometimes, young people just don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. The Gate have done a brilliant job of bringing this story to life in a captivating animation, which shows young people that we’re all different and there’s no such thing as ‘being normal.’”

Gate CCO Lucas Peon says: “Working alongside Childline to help young people feel better in their own skin energised all of us at the agency, as well as our partners. It’s a campaign that speaks to children in a way that is natural to them. To walk through the usual walls these types of messages face, we needed an emotional story that intrigued people enough to pay attention and moved them enough to make them reflect and change their perspective.”

Breaking on digital and social channels. Why don’t TV stations donate time too for a seasonal campaign that might actually do some good?

Craft doesn’t go amiss either, of course. Here’s how they did it.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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