Gucci’s Christmas gift to us all: a 90s office party, 80s music, 70s fashion, and a photocopier gag

It seems that for creatives under 40, “the 90s” means anything that came after the Beatles and before the Kardashians. It’s all “retro.” But who cares that Gucci has mashed up the decades when the ad is this good?

The whole thing is one big piece of irrelevance, given that there are no office parties this year (who really likes them anyway?) and most of us could only afford a photocopy of a Gucci handbag at best. Obviously, no one at Gucci gave practicality a second thought, and why should they?

The result is a film that’s great to watch, strangely festive, and allows us to look back and look forward to parties past and future. The reference to Ricky Gervais’ brilliant Christmas party scene in the office can’t be a coincidence.

Shades of a Mad Men Christmas party too.

Directed by Akinola Davies Jr.

MAA creative scale: 9.5

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