Burberry is singin’ in the rain and flying through the streets

This year has been such am emotional rollercoaster, do we really need Christmas ads to tug on our weary heartstrings? Burberry leaves well alone with this fearless, joyful dance routine directed by MegaForce, of Nike’s “Nothing beats a Londoner” fame, with similarly youthful abandon and drive.

The ad is choreographed to a saccharine-free version of “Singin’ in the rain,” sung by Dreya Mac.

The bulk of it is filmed on Petticoat Lane, better-known for Burberry knock-offs than for the real thing, and the double-coat look seems a bit extravagant given the prices that Burberry charges.

Nonetheless, a very welcome injection of energy into the Christmas season.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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