BETC London’s Christmas campaign for Terry’s Chocolate Orange is the brand’s first in ten years

If there’s anything we can rely on this Christmas, it’s seeing stacks of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges in the local supermarket convenience store. BETC has injected some new life into the brand with its first campaign in ten years, positioning it as part of eccentric British culture alongside corgis, croquet, Stonehenge, the Loch Ness Monster, Hamlet, and bad weather.

Rosie Bardales, chief creative officer at Havas-owned BETC, said: “Terry’s Chocolate Orange isn’t just a chocolate, it’s a part of British life. We wanted to celebrate it, along with all the other deliciously unsquared creations. It goes without saying, we had a ball.”

The ad has the feel of a non-Brit’s take on British life, rather than how we see ourselves, but it should stand out in an ad break.

MAA creative scale: 6

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