Uncommon and FITXR launch ‘workouts for everyone’ – as long as you can take the pace

Brace yourself for this one: the launch of a new, virtual reality, gamified workout system called FITXR is heralded with a loud, brash ad campaign from Uncommon Creative Studios. The work is running in the US and the UK.

FITXR is a virtual reality-based workout program, brought to life in a high-octane ad set to a banging heavy metal track, which parodies the earnest approach to exercise, and exposes the insanity of the unpleasant, extreme workouts that people submit themselves to on a daily basis.

Shelly Pearce, CMO, FITXR said: “We believe that the future of fitness is playing anywhere, anytime. It’s about losing track of time whilst you play. Even if you love to train, it can feel boring and unrewarding. FITXR removes the ‘no pain no gain’ mantra and helps make exercise enjoyable, bringing the energy of group fitness classes to your home. We’re so excited to share Uncommon’s thinking and vision of the FITXR world of working out.”

Nils Leonard, co-founder, Uncommon said: “The fitness industry globally takes itself way too seriously. It needed a good hose down. FITXR are an incredible force, ready to challenge the industry as it is and make something that actually works for everyone. We loved helping shape this US launch and giving the tragic tropes of this industry a painful workout as we went.”

Uncommon, which won the FITXR business in June, has shown with clients like Habito and Brewdog that it’s not afraid to make work to meet a client brief rather than to impress the ad industry. Let’s hope this one finds its audience.

MAA creative scale: 6

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