‘Let there be change’ says Droga5 for owner Accenture – but is there substance under the style?

Much hoopla about this: Accenture’s new platform (they’re everywhere these days) ‘Let there be change’ and its debut ad campaign from Accenture-owned agency Droga5. Accenture’s biggest brand move in a decade, we’re told, with a trumpeted tripling of its ad budget to $90m. Which, actually, isn’t all that much.

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet says: “Exponential changes in technology were transforming the way we work and live before COVID-19, and now its impact has raised change to a new level, requiring companies to reimagine everything and requiring economies and entire industries to rebuild. In this moment, to emerge stronger there is only one choice: embrace change and ensure that it benefits all, your customers, people, shareholders, partners and communities.”

Exponentially is one of those words we hear a lot of these days, especially from the dreaded epidemiologists. It’s actually some sort of mathematical formula that’s well above my pay grade but usually it just means a lot. Sounds better though, obviously..

David Droga says: “From a creative perspective, this was a massively exciting brief and opportunity. More than just creating a new purpose and campaign, we worked closely with leadership teams, people and clients around the world at every step to help shape the future of our company. This marks a bold evolution for all of us at Accenture.”

Very loyal Dave but does it actually amount to much? Like most corporate advertising it’s actually PR with all the woolliness that goes with the territory.

But D5 has painted some pretty pictures.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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