Electric car ads from Honda & Lexus have a one-track mind

There’s very little to choose between these two ads for electric cars from Honda and Lexus. Both are composed of cloud shots, nature scenes, neon-lit tunnels, night-time cityscapes, bridges, stirring music, and a dramatic female voiceover talking about imagination.

Electric cars might be a reality but they are still pretty rare in real life, so a vague “imagine the future” message is about all there is to say right now.

Honda’s effort, by Sid Lee in Paris, is called “This is not a prototype.” Fabrice Estève, marketing communications manager at Honda, said: “The launch of Honda e is a pivotal point for the brand as we work to achieve 100% electrified vehicles across Europe by 2022. The campaign captures the challenging sprit of Honda, delivering a car that dreams are made of.”

The&Partnership made the ‘Lexus Electrified’ campaign. Brian Bolain, global head of brand management & global marketing, said “This future-facing campaign reinforces our position as a visionary leader in electrification. It reflects the pioneering and innovative ethos of Lexus.”

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