Toohey’s Beer admits it’s nobody’s first choice at the barbie

Agencies often talk loftily about tuning in to brand “authenticity” as the way to create great advertising. But what if your brand is authentically average?

72andSunny Sydney didn’t hide away from the painful truth about Toohey’s Extra Dry. This campaign is no humblebrag; it’s shockingly up front about the fact that Toohey’s is “The beer you settle for when you run out of the good stuff” at a barbie.

Toohey’s has fully bought into the idea, and there’s a stack of creative work lined up to run between now and Christmas.

Luke Martin, head of product, 72andSunny, said: “We wanted to embrace and amplify what was already happening in culture; Tooheys Extra Dry was being called out as an ordinary beer, which is the truth. The brand knows what it is, and what it isn’t, there’s no BS, it is proud to be ordinary. It’s not every day you get a client partner confident enough to create this type of campaign.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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