The simple joys of betting, as seen by Accenture’s Shackleton in Spain

One of Spain’s biggest betting companies, Real Madrid sponsor Codere, is launching a new campaign that appeals to our baser demands on life: laughs and convenience.

The campaign is by Shackleton, the Madrid-based agency that was bought by Accenture a year ago. There are three football spots, and thee further fast-paced ads that illustrate the simple pleasures of losing your money in casinos.

Elvis Santos, general director of Shackleton, said: “This is a unique and robust positioning strategy that will allow building the brand for the next few years not only in Spain, but in all of Latin America, which is where Codere is constantly growing and where great communication opportunities are opening up”.

Nacho Guilló, executive creative director of Shackleton, said: “From a creative point of view, Codere is a rarity in this day and age. Throughout the process, they demanded that we be original, fresh and think outside the box. And they also trusted us a lot. We need more brands like this. I may be a romantic, but we’re delighted to work together”.

MAA creative scale: 6

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