Post-lockdown creativity: 72andSunny charts a ‘fantastic voyage’ for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is pushing the boat out in its first big TV campaign for Photoshop in the UK, created by 72&2andSunny LA. There’s what sounds like a big media budget too with ads on The Great British Bake Off and Gogglebox among others.

‘Fantastic Voyage’ invites us to remake our daily surroundings using Photoshop (helps if you have a somewhat stunning Photoshopper – but no mask, tut, tut.)

Adobe Europe’s Simon Morris says: “Creativity can affect the way we see the world, expand our capabilities and bring us together even in the most challenging of times. The power of the imagination is very much the theme of our biggest ever advertising campaign for Photoshop in the UK. From a train journey to a ‘fantastic voyage’, with the magic of Photoshop there are no limits placed on how the world can be reimagined and stories can be told.”

72andSunny creative director Lauren Smith says: “While we started the campaign before COVID-19, we entered into production right as the pandemic started to hit the United States. In an interesting twist of fate, we had to use the power of imagination not only in our film but also in the way we made it.

“From remote production night shoots in Prague to a video village in Los Angeles to countless remote post-production calls across oceans and time zones and remote editing/mixing/colouring, we figured out ways to work that we previously wouldn’t have imagined possible. The result is a stunning ode to the places our imagination can take us, even when the world puts constraints and limitations on us.”

There you go, it can be done. Many ads you these days are under-nourished apologies but there are a small number of stand-outs, of which this is one. David Golding’s “content and culture” dichotomy coming to pass?

Maybe other advertisers will take advantage of cheaper post-Covid airtime to spruce up their creative credentials.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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  1. There is nothing creative about this spot. They stole the concept from the artist Subway Doodle.

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