MAA blasts from the past: Guardian’s ‘Points of view’/’Don’t Read the Independent’

In these trying times for newspapers it’s easy to forget that they were one prized ad agency accounts (difficult admittedly as journalists and creatives rarely saw eye to eye.)

The Sun used to have a whole studio in central London knocking out cheap and unreasonably cheerful weekly efforts. Rather further upscale, one of the best was this from 1986, directed by Paul Weiland (school of Alan Parker, started as a writer at CDP) for the Guardian and agency BMP (now adam&eveDDB.)

Says it all in just 29 seconds.

This is in the same class, for the Independent (now owned by the Evening Standard’s Evgeny Lebedev.) Not the famous ‘It is. Are you’ launch campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi but, maybe, the same agency. With the ever-dependable John Cooper-Clarke. It certainly has the Paul Arden stamp and remains eerily contemporary.


By Lowe in one of its many guises it seems. Easy to forget how good that agency was.


IPG’s William Dixonn writes: The Independent “Litany” was from Lowe Howard-Spink, 1999. Written by Charles Inge and produced by Charles Crisp, I think they spent over a week in the Midlands shooting all the scenes. Went on to win a Grand Prix in Cannes and a Yellow pencil.

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  1. Many, many years ago when I lived in Wimbledon, my neighbor was Larry Lamb, the Editor of The Sun. Apart from having one of the greatest names in Christendom, he became a drinking mate. One boozy evening I asked him to what did he attribute the success of The Sun… “Tits and Arse,” he replied.

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