MAA blast from the past: GGT for Holsten Pils

Gold Greenlees Trott’s star burned brightly in the 1980/90s before it tried to be a stock market darling too. It eventually became part of Omnicom’s TBWA in London, as did just about every other agency in town.

One of the best efforts from Dave Trott’s table of bolshie youngsters was Holsten Pils, a clever spin on the Steve Martin movie Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, featuring comedian Griff Rhys Jones intercut with old movie star footage.

George Raft:

And Marilyn Monroe:

Possibly the evergreen Rhys Jones’ best performance. Some were directed by the late Graham Rose, whose last major outing was the Gio Compario series for, not quite the same thing at all. The likeable and streetwise Rose did however manage to become stranded in a luxury hotel in South Africa on an unusually ambitious GoCompare shoot.

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