Engine creative, The Royal Navy, and the thrill of secrecy

The Submarine Service is an elusive division of the Royal Navy, and Engine’s new ad
capitalises on this allure with a film that promises international action, adventure and comradeship for new recruits — without giving too much away.

Part of the long-running “Made in The Royal Navy” campaign, this new work sells the service as a career with an edge. There are 60-second and 30-second TV ads, as well as online and social cut downs.

Billy Faithfull, chief creative officer at Engine Creative says: “A career as a submariner might not seem like the most glamorous of jobs at first glance, but by using the one thing that sets them apart from all other navy jobs, their secrecy, we found a unique and visually striking language to work with. One that really sets this career apart”.

The Royal Navy is a good client for Engine, bringing out a blockbuster ad every year. This one has a pretty strong, fresh appeal, so — combined with other obvious reasons — the Navy could find itself inundated with applicants this year.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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