Publicis Italy crafts mini-masterpiece for Diesel and Pride

You expect the unexpected from Diesel and it doesn’t let us down here: a film for Pride Month showing not just to the tricky journey from the gents to the ladies but the final destination of a convent.

Featuring trans model/activist Harlow Monroe as ‘Francesca’ and beautifully directed by Francois Rousselet for Publicis Italy, which keeps on giving. One of Diesel’s “successful living stories.”

Pride has rather been pushed to the side by Black Lives Matter but this could hardly be done better.

MAA creative scale: 9.

One Comment

  1. Man wants to become a nun. If you want to renounce the world and all its temptations, why not just become a monk. And if Deisel jeans are such a path to successful living, why would you discard them at the end?

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