Laundrapp’s special offer: ‘Drop your trousers at the door’

Many parents, exhausted by the pressures of educating their kids, struggling with their day jobs, and the endless domestic drudgery of lockdown, may have be tipped over the edge by the news that schools might not fully open in September.

Laundrapp has spotted an opportunity and responded with a rebrand and an ad campaign to promote a tempting service that picks up and delivers your washing. You can even watch the van’s progress to your door on the app.

The campaign, by Manchester-based digital agency Neon, targets Mumsnet with an offer of 30 free trials for users of the site. Chloe Waddington, head of agency, said: “Our ambition was to create something intended to stand out from the pale blue smorgasbord of other advertisers within the laundry and domestic lifestyle sectors, so we adopted bold colours and a punchy, cheeky tone of voice,” says .

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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