Nike dares to say ‘Don’t Do It’ in bold response to US racism

Nike has a history of taking a stand on racism, most notably with its controversial Colin Kaepernick ad, so the brand has earned the right to have a voice on the issue, and is speaking up as riots take place across the US in response to the police murder of George Floyd.

A Nike spokesperson says: “We hope that by sharing this film we can serve as a catalyst to inspire action against a deep issue in our society and encourage people to help shape a better future.” The ad is by Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

Another powerful ad, this time from L’Oreal, also brings a new twist to an old line. It isn’t in direct response to the riots in the US, but it looks like it was made with racism as a driving force and, in the current context, brings a new power to “I’m worth it,” almost infusing it with a #BlackLivesMatter message.

Viola Davis’ charged delivery of the line is a far cry from the glossy Jennifer Aniston version. Davis says: “Next time you doubt your place in the world or the workplace or your own skin say these words… say it like you mean it.”

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