UK’s Covid-19 crisis may turn into a political crisis – Ogilvy provides essential inspiration

The UK’s death toll fronm Covid-19 hit 980 today, higher than the worst days in Italy and Spain. Yet we had two weeks to learn from what was happening in Italy and much more (although restricted) about China.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock hosted the daily rally from Downing Street today, regaling us with stories about new testing “mega-labs,” lots of PPE kit and all the rest of it. But this should have been done weeks ago, the signs were all there.

PM Boris Johnson seems to be recovering from the virus in hospital (for which much thanks.) He’d be well advised to stay in bed for a week or two because the shit may really hit the fan next week. When they count the numbers after the Easter weekend (about Wednesday) the daily death toll will almost certainly exceed one thousand.

And where, by the way, are NHS CEO Sir Simon Stevens and Boris’ pet advisor Dominic Cummings (last heard of self-isolating.) Just wondered.

*We’ve had a huge response to our coverage of the Dove ‘Courage is beautiful’ campaign from Ogilvy Canada. This really is an example of advertising at its best (and clients at their best, let’s hope Dove owner Unilever walks the walk without someone in finance saying, we can’t afford this.)

Definitely the ad of the year so far – and it was done in a hurry proving, as if we needed to know, that a great idea doesn’t need serried numbers crawling all over it.

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