Neil Dawson: my MAA blast from the past – Ian Botham/Hamlet

I loved this Hamlet ad from back in the day. I remember having it on my wall. It ran just after Ian Botham was banned for smoking a joint. Creative team was Graham Fink and Jeremy Clarke.

Neil Dawson is the founder of Neil A Dawson & Company.

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  1. Many thanks for picking this, Neil.
    Wow, that was quite some time ago. A credit should also go to the photographer, Peter Lavery, who managed to grab the shot during the lunch break at a Somerset match. Botham was in great form and it was just 2 days before the trial. We dashed back to London and put the ad together. Then selfishly hoped and prayed that he would indeed get banned!
    It ran as a whole page ad in the papers, but the Daily Mail, as per your reference, decided to also put the ad on the front page. Our client was ecstatic.