WPP AUNZ revives new product development with big

WPP AUNZ, a giant in the Australian market although it’s been struggling recently, is launching a good old NPD company called (lower case as always these days, if somewhat inappropriately) big.

NPD (new product development) has gone rather out of fashion these days as everybody witters on about “business transformation” but it’s a useful service to offer and big says it will “create new categories, new markets and most importantly new revenue for clients, using data to define the opportunity, an understanding of people to create desire then using all that intelligence to build a real product or service.”

WPP AUNZ CEO Jens Monsees (above) says: “big is an excellent example of where our company is heading; using our vast data and tech talent teamed with our creative depth to innovate and develop new business models. It’s also about putting the client at the centre of what we do. By collaborating with clients through NPD, we are providing a true partnership that meets their changing needs in a fast-changing market.”

Big will operate a different new business model which will see it partner with clients in return for a royalty, success fee or results-based percentage.

It’s a brave time to be launching a new business with the Coronavirus laying waste to the worldwide economy (although they provably didn’t know that when they started the business) but it’s interesting to see a big agency aiming at growth as an alternative to the dreaded consultants fixated on saving costs.

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    Is it smaller than IPG’s huge?