W+K launches Three’s 5G bid with future’s now epic

5G is on the way in the UK – to some loud groans from people fed up with the patchy performance of 4G – but defiantly optimistic Three, via agency Wieden+Kennedy, is promising all sorts of goodies, if ‘real’ 5G is your thing.

Including the future of Tinder dating with holographic technology, all from the back of a self-driving taxi kitted out with a robotic driver; a ‘Spacey McSpaceface’ commercial spaceflight to the moon in which a female passenger is seen instantly downloading all episodes of ‘Bits Planet’ in a few seconds, blocking out her annoying fellow passenger (Three isn’t actually promising space travel) and enabling a robotic England football team to finally bring football home.

It’s a follow -up to last year’s outstanding “Phones are good,’ campaign and designed to cheer us up in these straightened times (it was no doubt made before that virus looked liked spoiling everything.)

But it’s another tour de force from W+K, which has started the year with a bang – combining its trademark manic creativity with some telling marketing points. Can Three’s rivals match its performance?

As for the this brave new world, think I’m with “Include Me Out” Sam Goldwyn. But lots of kids (of whatever age) will be demanding their slice.

And it’s yet another 2020 top drawer ad from a UK agency. Whatever’s going on?

MAA creative scale: 9.

PS Bravura direction from Ian Pons Jewell for Academy.

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