New agency NKD World promises “ideas not layers”

No idea how many new agencies start each year but here’s another one – NKD World – formed by four seasoned hands, film director and creative Jonty Toosey and three former WPP colleagues Lee Williams, Max Jackson and Raj Sangra.

NKD World is promising “ideas not layers.’ Founding partner Max Jackson, a former Sudler & Hennessey CEO, says: “Our world has changed dramatically over recent years, so we want to get ahead of the curve and establish our business on providing great ideas across strategy, creative and tactical delivery.

“Marc Pritchard, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer has been challenging traditional network agencies to remove all the layers between clients and those doing the work in agencies. This is exactly what we have built NKD on.”

Director Toosey says: “All the NKD partners agree, having spent many years in the network agency world, that it’s time for a new, more direct and efficient agency model that focuses on great work while avoiding complicated hierarchies and cost structures. Clients deserve better solutions and value.”

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  1. It’s x4 blokes (on a crossing). But it’s still 4 blokes. Is the Comms/HR/Account Lady just out of shot or bringing up the rear?

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