Adam&eveDDB moves SUV advertising into a higher gear with new VW Touareg campaign

Ads ain’t wot they used to be, especially from UK agencies, is a fairly common lament – perhaps only among those of us who remember the good old days.

Is there a creative renaissance though, even in these data-driven times?

VW had a creative review last year which seemed to indicate another depressing move to ‘better, faster, cheaper’ (it tends not to mean better) but now we get this from adam&eveDDB plugging the Volkswagen Touareg SUV’s ‘Night Vision.’ Touaregs are North African nomads by the way – not an obvious moniker for an SUV unless you’re thinking of crossing the Sahara.

It does the night vision job but, more than that, it’s a highly effective branding number for the Touareg, which needs to fend off the flashy newer SUVs from Jaguar, Porsche and the like.

From the cool, empathetic boss to the all-knowing, life-saving car.

Brilliant stuff. Would be good in any era.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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