MyBuilder reworks Delilah in Wieden+Kennedy debut

Last week we had Wieden+Kennedy’s tasteful debut for the National Trust – followed by some striking print work over the weekend including a Sunday Times magazine wrap – now it’s the agency’s more populist debut campaign for find a tradesperson service MyBuilder.

MyBuilder CMO Glenn Orchard says: “MyBuilder has enjoyed considerable growth with relatively modest marketing activity to date, but the time is right to introduce the brand to a wider audience with an attention-grabbing and memorable creative platform.

“As soon as we heard the idea of homes singing their recommendation of MyBuilder to such an iconic tune, we were sold. It’s a really entertaining tribute to the quality of the MyBuilder business and our fantastic tradespeople. Once you’ve heard that chorus it’s very hard to get it out of your head.”

Indeed. Funny how these ancient tunes (this originally from Tom Jones) keep appearing in ads, can’t just be because they’re cheaper surely. Maybe today’s Spotify faves just don’t resonate like the oldies did, even with creatives who probably never heard them first time round.

Anyway, another good effort from W+K.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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