“Chief creative engineer” Alex Bogusky leaves the factory

Alex Bogusky, one time adland wunderkind (‘Subservient Chicken’ and all that), is exiting CPB (Crispin Porter Bogusky as was), the MDC-owned agency he co-founded, after returning to the fold 18 months ago.

CPB global CEO Erik Sollenberg says: “Alex will forever be a part of our agency’s culture and who we are as a company. He was instrumental in putting us on the map, and we created a new position 18 months ago (chief creative engineer) to draw from his bold thinking as we shaped our next chapter.

“Now we’re celebrating his next chapter as he and his wife, Ana, enter a new phase of their lives, and he transitions from his everyday role at the agency over the next few months.”

Bogusky, well known outside adland, will hardly find himself unemployed but it’s a sign of the times perhaps that he’s been unable to work his magic second time round.

Still, retiring “chief creative engineer” is probably a good move.

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