Apple bites into star appeal for China New Year iPhone epic

We expect China-set epics from Apple to kick off the New Year these days and it’s pulled out all the stops this year, an eight-minute tale of a lady taxi driver who takes her daughter to work (in a taxi.)

Which seems no more plausible at the end than the beginning, despite the best efforts of celebrated Chinese actress Zhou Xun, a winsome child and a grumpy mum. Touching all the same – everybody has to make ends meet – and beautifully shot on an iPhone 11 Pro, which is the commercial point.

One of TBWA\Media Arts Lab’s better recent efforts. You can see why creatives are attracted in-house (or to half-in-half-out agencies) these days. You wouldn’t find this scope and budget in many other places.

But it looks lovely, as is Ms Xun.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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