Burger King makes Big Macs disappear

Burger King has become the king of guerrilla marketing and UK agency BBH has unveiled its own little trick at the expense of long-time market leader McDonald’s by concealing a (not so) Big Mac behind each Burger King Whopper image in 2019.

Used to work near a studio that took all Burger King’s UK shots. The client insisted that the burgers so depicted were fresh from the restaurant, not realising that the nearest one was a couple of miles away and London traffic isn’t always helpful, even on a motorbike. The studio’s retouching abilities were not required (although one suspects they were utilised anyway.)

So we would often be confronted by the sweatiest of bikers, having risked life and limb to transport a burger that was still some way past its best.

But that’s dedication for you and BK certainly sticks to its guns.

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