Dismal management is trashing iconic UK retailer Sainsbury’s

Here’s a nice ad by Wieden+Kennedy for Sainsbury’s back in May, celebrating its 150th anniversary. There doesn’t seem to have been much since.

In it they say something like: “150 years on and still more to do.”

Too bloody right.

Went into local busy Sainsbury’s this afternoon – before the post-school rush – and, in the fresh bit, there was nothing there.

Chatted to one of the invariably helpful and friendly staff about the absence of house rosé wine boxes (bear with me), not there since the summer.

“Oh we don’t stock those any more” they said, “don’t know why.” In their place is Country Manor lookalike wine (it’s not.)

“Does anyone buy this?” “Er, no.” But it blocks up the space.

Dave Lewis announced his departure from Tesco the other day and while Tesco will never be great it’s gone back to what it did pretty well. Sainsbury’s, one of the most famous retailers in the UK, seems to be going to hell in a handcart under hapless CEO Mike Coupe (salary £3.9m.)

Does he ever go into a shop?

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