Leo Burnett deploys hard-hitting AI for Hunger in America

One of the disconcerting factors about late capitalism in developed markets is the incidence of food banks and the like, visible proof that some people don’t have enough to eat. You see them in the UK and now this ad for Feeding America from the Ad Council and Leo Burnett dramatises the problem in the US, with 37 million people hungry including 11 million children.

Created with A1 from real hungry people using over a thousand photos, it’s a wake-up call. Especially that so many kids dread the end of school term because that means they won’t have a proper meal for months.

Ad Council president and CEO Lisa Sherman says: “Many people care about the issue of hunger, but far fewer take action. We want to turn passive concern into action and galvanize empathy for people who don’t have enough to eat by revealing to the public just how close we are to hunger every single day.”

Let’s hope it makes a difference. May well win an award or two.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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