Durex and Havas lube up for ‘Foreplay Forever’

We’re a broad church here at MAA – For the Guardian it’s ‘Hope is Power,’ for Durex ‘Foreplay Forever.’

Thats the theme of its new “multi-market, pro-foreplay campaign which aims to break the stigma around lubrication and challenge the myth that only penetrative sex is good sex” from Havas London. Phew, got that out of the way.

Continuing the theme of its ‘Ladies Let’s Lube’ pan-Euro campaign, seemingly deemed de trop for the UK market.

Durex Spain marketing director Domenika Praxmarer says: “At Durex, we know sexual satisfaction is higher for those that use lubes. Despite this, a certain stigma persists around the category – which is why we’re seeking to attract a new, younger audience, both single and in relationships, who haven’t used or considered lubes before; 25-34-year-olds who are confident and comfortable in their sexual preferences, but open-minded and optimistic that their sex life could always get better. And with our Pleasure Gels range designed for extra stimulation during foreplay, it felt like a great area for this campaign to play in.”

A bit like the sexual equivalent of ‘five a day.’

MAA creative scale; 6.5.

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