Bitter bond of the Instagram Lions who are never ‘Born Free’

At first, this film from Engine looks like your typical charity ad — cute lions, adorable animation and a stirring, singalong soundtrack — but the surprise ending is enough to jolt anyone into signing the petition.

Virginia McKenna, co-founder of the Born Free Foundation, said: “It’s no life for a cub. Torn away from its mother a few days after birth; raised in a so-called sanctuary; made to pose for selfies with tourists seduced into parting with their hard-earned cash for that ‘once in a lifetime experience’; and then shot for ‘fun’ as a discount trophy to mark some ‘brave’ hunter’s moment of delusional triumph, with the remains being shipped to the Far East for lion bone wine. We hope this powerful film, which exposes the full horror of what is happening, will inspire people everywhere to join our mission, urging the South African government to end the great betrayal.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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