Apple launches super premium iPhone – and cheap and cheerful TV streaming offer

Apple unveiled a wide range of goodies the other day, including the new iPhone 11 (three cameras and slow-mo video if that’s your thing.) Here are some of them in an Apple mash-up.

Longer version is here.

Tinkering around the edges? Apple’s biggest problem arguably is that it’s hitting the $1000 mark regularly and that’s difficult when older and cheaper devices still work pretty well and do most of what you want.

The most interesting revelation from CEO Tim Cook was that Apple’s new TV streaming offer – finally to escape the launch pad – will cost just $4.99 per month in the US – way less than rivals – and it’s free for a year if you buy a new phone, Mac, iPad or watch. From a competitor’s point of view – ouch.

Interesting that Apple, long famed for its premium pricing, is marking its big entry into broadcast with what amounts to a price war.

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